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Simon Johnson Quality Foods is the leading provider of Australia's finest range of imported and home grown quality food, offering only products of the highest integrity; sourced from more than 80 producers internationally, committed to using premium raw ingredients.

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Our Locations

Simon Johnson has 6 retail stores located in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

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Cheese of the Month

Our cheese of the month for September is Pyengana Cheddar, aged 20 months. Prized for being one of Australia's oldest specialist cheese, Pyengana is still handmade on the farm in north-eastern Tasmania. This cheddar is matured for a minimum of 12 months to give it a fine crumbly texture, with little pockets of ‘age’ crystals to compliment the subtle flavours of pasture, with a lingering nuttiness.
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Our Producers, Artisans & Farmers

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Neal's Yard Dairy

Founded in the early 1980’s by Randolph Hodgson, Neal’s Yard Dairy is a London-based company that selects, matures and sells farmhouse cheese from the UK and Ireland.

Ars Italica®

Ars Italica® is producing some of the world’s finest Caviars in Ticino park, Cassolnovo, in Italy. View the range online at Simon Johnson Australia.
Quality is my obsession, uniqueness my passion, flavour my primary objective.
- Simon Johnson