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THE ART OF CHAI WORKSHOP @$80.00pp (includes Chai Masterclass)

Thursday 5th March 6.00pm to 8.00pm, Uppma Virdi from Chai Walli

The Art of Chai is an exploration of the origins of this spiced tea – explore its culture, taste, ingredients and brewing methods. Hosted by Australia’s leading chai expert, Uppma Virdi from Chai Walli  this class will equip you with the right skills to truly understand authentic masala chai. Uppma will deliver this class in a fun, open and comfortable approach for you to learn all about chai; the national drink of India.

Through this event you will be able to:

1. Gain insight into the history and culture of chai in India.

2. Identify the key steps to create a chai blend – bringing together black tea and specific spices for both their taste and healing properties.

3. Identify and taste authentic masala chai and understand how the brewing method is a vital part of the chai process.

4. Be fully equipped to brew chai at home using traditional Indian methods.

Please contact our team if you have any dietary requirements within 48hrs prior to the event, so that we can best accomodate your needs. Please note our classes are not wheelchair accessible due to the placement of stairs to the venue.

P: 02 8244 8288
E: providores@simonjohnson.com

Cooking School

Participants will receive copies of the recipes and tasting plates of every dish prepared with wines to match. Classes are a mix of cooking, tasting, drinking, conversation, education and fun.

We also extend a special offer of 10% discount on store purchases on the day of your class.

We can create tailor made corporate events, team building classes and private cooking demonstrations where we will quote to your specific requirements. Please contact us directly to discuss your event.

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