Black Pearl

Black Pearl Beluga Caviar Vacuum Sealed


Beluga caviar is the most famous of all caviars. Beluga comes from the ‘Huso Huso’ Sturgeon, the largest of all sturgeon species. The Huso Huso sturgeon is native to the Black and Caspian Seas. The rarity of Beluga caviar is related to the fact that this particular sturgeon doesn’t ovulate until she reaches around 21 years old. HusoHuso roe is the largest of all the sturgeon roes – its diameter ranges from 3.2 – 3.6mm. The Sturgeon are raised in water, rich in oxygen and with conditions remarkably reminiscent of the Huso Huso’s natural environment, to result in a exceptional product appreciated by Beluga connoisseurs around the world.



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