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Premium Plain Flour


Produced by Ben Furney Flour Mills. For over 100 years and 3 generations, the Furney family has actively
operated farming enterprises and flour & speciality milling operations in Dubbo, the heart of the NSW
wheat belt. They are in control of the product from paddock to customer, relying on long-established
partnerships with local farming families. The secret to their quality is the careful blending of wheat
varieties and protein ranges to achieve a balanced and precise flour. Their modern computerised
pneumatic mill enables them to provide a consistent range of high quality bakery flour. To the best of their knowledge,
their products are not produced from genetically modified grain or othermaterials. These products are suitable for Kosher (Pravene)/Halal/Vegan

Premium Flour
A food grade high protein flour milled from a selected blend of Australian Premium and Hard wheats. A
very popular flour and is ideal for a wide range of breads, rolls, flat breads, and pastries. To comply
with mandatory legislation this product is fortified with Thiamine and Folic Acid as required for flour that is
used in bread making. (Wheat flour, mandatory vitamin fortification – Thiamine and Folic Acid – contains