For many years Simon Johnson Purveyor of Quality Foods has been dedicated to servicing the fine food & gourmet industry. Over the years we have built an ongoing relationship with Artisans & Producers, to bring their specialty goods to our customers in the Wholesale, Retail & Hospitality sector.

As our company continues to grow we are dedicated to nurturing charitable organisations through sponsorship to give back to the individual communities who can benefit from opportunities that our company can offer.

In 2018 we are partnering with the National Indigineous Culinary Institute to assist them with the ongoing training and support of young chefs as they enter the hospitality industry.

The National Indigenous Culinary Institute Limited (NICI) is an industry inspired and initiated program of national significance to create highly skilled Indigenous chefs. The NICI program offers elite training and experience for aspiring Indigenous chefs under the culinary guardianship and mentorship of some of Australia’s top chefs and restauranteurs – from Rockpool Bar & Grill, Bistro Guillaume, Aria, Icebergs Dining Room, The European, Catalina and more.

Learn more about the National Indigenous Culinary Institute Ltd here.

Our Locations

Simon Johnson has 5 retail stores located in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

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Cheese of the Month

Roquefort is made exclusively with raw sheep’s milk. The milk must be pure and whole & from the ‘Lacaune’ breed of sheep only and cannot be homogenized or pasteurised. Cheesemakers first transform the raw milk into a simple cheese with a noble type of mould added to it, the Penicillium roqueforti. Following their preparation in dairy farms, the cheese is salted and then pierced with needles. It is then placed in long rows on top of oak planks lining the natural caves used for ripening. Roquefort is truly exceptional and considered the king of French artisanal cheese.